Yealink YHS32 Ακουστικό Κεφαλής - High Definition


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Ακουστικά κεφαλής (headset) Yealink YHS32 για χρήση με συσκευές Yealink.

Συμβατό με τα μοντέλα:
Yealink T20P, Yealink T22P , Yealink T26P, Yealink T28P, Yealink T32P, Yealink T38P.

Main Features:
* Ultra noise cancelling microphone
* Superb sound quality
* Quick disconnect
* 330° rotatable microphone boom
* Ultra light weight only 50g
* Comfortable wearing, for all day use
* Strong design, with boom rolling of about 30,000 times and more
* Over-the-head style, can be used with right or left ear
* Pliable steel headband, large size ear pad and padded T-bar
* Active Protection TM safeguards the user from high levels of acoustic burst

Physical Features:
* 1xRJ9 headset jack
* 1 meter cord line
* Quick disconnect (QD) cord
* Transmit Sensitivity: -38.0 dB re. 1 V/Pa
* Receiver Sensitivity: 95dB SPL +/-3 dB SPL
* Receiver Impedance: 150 ohm
* Voltage range: 1.0-10 V
* Net weight: 50g
* Accessories: leather like ear cushion, foam ear cushion, adjustable clothing clip, headset hanger.

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