SanDisk SSD Conversion Kit


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Make an Easy Transition to a Solid State Drive


Easily upgrade to solid state technology with the SanDisk SSD Conversion Kit. Ideal for do-it-yourselfers or computer enthusiasts, this kit provides the tools you need to replace your computer's hard drive with a new solid state drive (SSD). The kit includes all of the hardware and data-migration software necessary to install your new SSD and transfer data from your old hard drive.

  • Easily upgrade your laptop or desktop computer to a solid state drive
  • Includes 3.5-inch mounting bracket, screws, USB-to-SATA cable, and 12" SATA data cable
  • Step-by-step guide walks you through the upgrade process
  • Data cloning software copies your files to your new SSD
  • Solid state drive not included


Includes All Necessary Hardware for SSD Installation

The SanDisk SSD Conversion Kit comes with all the required hardware for installing your SSD (sold separately) in a desktop or laptop PC, including a SATA cable, mounting bracket, screws, and a screwdriver. The mounting bracket can accommodate any 3.5-inch SSD and is designed to hold your drive securely in place. The kit also includes a USB-to-SATA cable which allows you to easily migrate the data from your existing hard drive to your SSD.

Easy-to-Follow Guide for Fast Setup

A helpful step-by-step guide walks you through each step of the installation process. Simply mount your SSD on the bracket, screw the bracket into place in your computer drive bay, and plug the SSD into an available power cable and SATA port using the included SATA cable. The quick install guide helps you get up and running in a flash.

Easily Transfer Your Data with Data-Migration Software

The SanDisk SSD Conversion Kit also comes with convenient data-migration software, which copies files from your existing hard drive to your new SSD. The software seamlessly transfers all of your data--including personal files, programs, and your operating system--to your new drive. This eliminates the hassle of transferring your files manually and reinstalling your operating system.

Compatibility and Warranty

The SanDisk SSD Conversion Kit can be used with both desktop and laptop computers. The data migration software is compatible with Windows® 7, Windows Vista®, Windows XP, and Mac OS X 10.2 or later. SSD installation requires an available SATA port. The SanDisk SSD Conversion Kit is backed by a three-year limited warranty.


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